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Twice a year During the spring and fall seasons, the conference is held to Facilitate friendship between members and exchange updated academic information. Such presentations as study findings on medical science, new case reports, case of treatment and test on certain diseases, and so forth have contributed to the development of internal medicine. This conference covers various topics of the area of internal medicine, and special discourses on various themes give members the opportunities to deepen their understanding.
Experts in certain areas help the audience acquire the knowledge. In addition, not only for doctors employed for a general hospital, but also for those with his own hospital, to whom it is hard to attend the conference, training lectures will be continuously provided, and clinical lectures and symposiums too are held in pursuit of the academic development of the members.
Venues and dates of spring and fall conferences are as follows:

Spring Conference (last five years)

2019. 04. 27(Sat) Busan 「Bexco」
2018. 04. 28(Sat) Gyeongju 「Hwabaek International Convention Center」
2017. 04. 22(Sat) Yeosu 「Yeosu Expo Convention Center」
2016. 04. 23(Sat) Busan 「Bexco Convention Hall」
2015. 04. 25(Sat) Gyeongju 「Hyundai Hotel」

Fall Conference (last five years)

2019. 10. 26(Sat)~10. 27(Sun) Seoul 「Grand Hilton Hotel」
2018. 10. 27(Sat)~10. 28(Sun) Seoul 「Grand Hilton Hotel」
2017. 10. 28(Sat) Seoul 「Grand Hilton Hotel」
2016. 10. 22(Sat) Seoul 「Grand Hilton Hotel」
2015. 10. 24(Sat) Seoul 「Grand Hilton Hotel」

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